A solar array is the best way to keep things clean, cost effective, and green


We Want You As Part Of Our Daybreak Family!

Daybreak is currently doing business in 13 markets: Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco, Houston, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Raleigh, Phoenix, Scottsdale as well and Orlando, Jacksonville, Cape Corral and Tampa Bay area in Florida.

The management team has nearly 50 years of experience with solar across 13 markets and have overseen thousands and thousands of installs.

Daybreak is also completely vertically integrated. That means we do the consulting, design work, engineering, installations, and servicing through our in-house employees.  The vast majority of other companies are just sales and marketing outfits that hire a 3rd party company (who actually knows solar) to come out and install everything for them. We do all the back-end design and installations for several other local companies.

Everything that we do is a custom solution for each home from beginning to end with the best quality products available at the best prices.


Why you should choose solar panels from Daybreak Solar?

We want to provide you, the homeowner, with the best quality product. Our team of NABCEP certified engineers are ready to get your solar up and running. Ask about our unmatched warranties!

Reduce/Eliminate Electric Bills

Stop sending your hard-earned money to your electric provider

Tax Credit Eligibility

The government is going to cover 26% of the system for you. Ask how!

Going Green

If you can save money while helping the environment, why not?

Free Installation

$0 Installations. We mean it!

Renewable Energy

The best time to go solar was yesterday!

Home Powered During Blackouts

Ask about our backup power solutions!

We can help you install solar panels that suit your needs!

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Complete solutions for your green home

Solar panels are a wonderful investment for any home.

Our mission is to help you invest in a green home with renewable energy and save money.

Imagine if you could save money, add value to your home, acquire a new asset, protect yourself against future increase of prices with the electric companies, produce clean energy, and have the government pay for 26% of the system for you. Well now you can!

Contact us today to hear more about our great solar program and see why thousands of homeowners are switching to sustainability!

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We provide the best solar system services in the Texas area

Solar panels are a wonderful investment for any home. Solar panels decrease your energy bill and increase the value of your home. Save with Solar today!



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