Battery Storage


The Facts:


  • Batteries provide the ability to have power in the event of a power outage
  • Provide the homeowner a way to “go off the grid”
  • Our battery backups can withstand temperatures of 110+ degrees


  • The number of batteries you’ll need is dependent on how much power will be consumed during an outage
  • Battery technology typically has about a 5-10 year useful life 
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Backup Power

A common misconception that many homeowners who are looking into solar have is that just because they have solar means that they will still have power in the event of an outage. While backup batteries do provide the ability to have power in case of grid failure, we do not recommend them. This is due to the fact that batteries tend to be expensive for what value they bring. Typically, batteries will only last you about 5-10 years and by themselves, they do not hold sufficient power to allow you to continue living how you would even if there wasn’t a power failure.

The reality of batteries is that they currently do not possess enough efficiency to be recommended for homes. However, at Daybreak, we design our solar systems so that a battery backup may be added on in the future when the expenses of batteries and the technology gets better for you, the homeowner. We greatly encourage that for the time being, if a person is looking into having power in the event of an outage, to go to a local hardware store and pickup a generator that would be sufficient for their household needs until the battery technology and prices get significantly better.

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