Residential Solar Panels


Our specialty is providing customized, clean energy to residential households. Daybreak Solar provides homeowners the ability to own your power versus renting it plus being able to capture the following benefits:

  • 26% Government Tax Credit
  • $0 Sales Tax
  • $0 Down. Absolutely No Money Out Of Pocket.
  • 365 Days Per Year Monitoring
  • Increased Home Equity
  • Regain Control Over Those Expensive Electric Bills

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Dear Homeowners,

At Daybreak, we believe in giving homeowners the highest quality product possible. It’s why we use commercial grade panels. With our in-house design team, we are going to maximize your production while giving you control over your finances.

There’s a reason you’re seeing solar go up everywhere and why it is one of the most talked about clean energy options out there. We firmly believe in giving control back to the homeowners. We want to provide you, the homeowner, with a solution to the rising costs of inflation and a way to fight off those high electric bills.

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Why you should choose solar panels from Daybreak Solar?

Wave goodbye to those expensive electric bills

Tired of paying those $150+ electric bills? Contact us today!

Federal Tax Credit

The government is going to pay for 26% of the system for you.

Clean Energy

Solar power cuts down the emissions that are released.

Free installation

Our in-house team won't charge you a single dollar for installation.


We provide the best solar system services in the Texas area

Solar panels are a wonderful investment for any home. Solar panels decrease your energy bill and increase the value of your home. Save with Solar today!



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